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As editor of the Ablution & Kitchen Pro eNewsletter I was attractive advanced to accessory the 4th anniversary Architecture & Architecture Week. In the accomplished the appearance has been in Vegas, which is easier for one of our added editors to get to. This year, however, it was in Florida, and I got to go for the aboriginal time.

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DCW, the co-location of the NKBA’s Kitchen & Ablution Industry Appearance and NAHB International Builders’ Show, is the better assemblage I’ve been to aback I started alive with the Plumbing Group magazines a little added than three years ago. It featured accolade cer­emonies, alternate showcases, networking events, and acquirements opportunities. There is so abundant to see that is actually absurd to see it all, and three canicule aloof didn’t assume like abundant time to see everything.

As this was my aboriginal time at the appearance and at the Orange County Assemblage Center, I did not anticipate about the area of the booth’s aback I fabricated berth appointments. The aboriginal day, I had visits in both the North/South architecture as able-bodied as the West architecture — one appropriate afterwards the other. I was active amid the barrio aggravating to accumulate on schedule.

That wasn’t the alone aberration I made. Antecedent assemblage halls accept consistently been on the colder side, with the AC active aerial to account the anatomy calefaction from so abounding attendees. I frequently abrasion an undershirt, a dress shirt and a clothing anorak to accumulate warm. Not alone was the OCCC warm, but the arch amid the two barrio was alfresco and the acclimate had best up from the weekend before.

However, I did get a lot done that aboriginal day, admitting the active aback and forth. I acquaint our aboriginal official Facebook Alive video from a convention. I met in actuality so abounding in the industry that I had alone anytime emailed with before. I additionally got in eight afar of walking, according to my acute watch.

Although I was too beat and abscessed to arise any of the after-hours events, there were affluence to accept from.

The additional and third canicule went actual agnate with the barring actuality that I reworked my agenda so I wouldn’t be active amid the two buildings. This additionally accustomed me to accept abundant action to arise some of the contest that took abode afterwards hours, such as the “Beers & Cheers for Trade Careers” event.

Taking abode on Wednesday, January 11 in “The Backyard” KBIS Parking Lot, industry accompany and colleagues aggregate for the aboriginal accessible accident acknowledging the This Old House Generation Abutting altruistic attack to animate and empower adolescent bodies to accompany the accomplished trades. Mike Rowe of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation accustomed a $500,000 analysis from the allotment ally of the initiative. All gain from the attack will go to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation’s Work Ethic Scholarship Program, accouterment scholarships to bodies accepting accomplished for accomplished jobs in demand.


A few highlights accommodate the Best of KBIS awards, the Innovative Exhibit Awards, and the assorted conferences on the accompaniment of the industry as able-bodied as accessible trends.

The Best of KBIS 2017 accolade winners by class are:

• Best in Appearance — GEOLUXE, GEOLUXE Natural Stone

• Best of Kitchen: Gold — GEOLUXE, GEOLUXE Natural Stone

• Best of Kitchen: Silver — The Galley, The Galley Dresser

• Best of Bath: Gold — TOTO, NEOREST AC Dual Flush Toilet with Actilight

• Best of Bath: Silver — Copper Battery Company, The Copper Battery Kit

Two Best of KBIS accolade winners — GEOLUXE and the Copper Battery Company — were brands aural the KBIS Discovery District, a destination for exploring different and alien brands and articles new to KBIS. The Copper Battery Company, led by buyer Fritz Allen, aboriginal alien its accolade acceptable Copper Battery Kit at KBIS 2017.

“We came to KBIS to barrage an idea, accepting no sales and with no abstraction what the accession would be,” Allen said. “Our abstraction is now a discovered, actual Best of KBIS accolade acceptable product, with builders and designers absorbed in purchasing our Copper Battery Kits.  It’s been incredible, and this is aloof the beginning.”

In the annual Innovative Exhibit Awards, the afterward showrooms were accustomed by the kitchen and ablution association for aberrant account and administration aural the retail exhibit space:

• Independent Retail Exhibit Locations (1-5 exhibit locations) — Babyish (1,000-2,500 sq. ft.) — ProGranite Surfaces

• Independent Retail Exhibit Locations (1-5 exhibit locations) — Medium (2,500-5,000 sq. ft.) — Clarke – New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Exhibit and Test Kitchen at 7 Tide

• Independent Retail Exhibit Locations (1-5 exhibit locations) — Large (5,000 sq. ft.-plus) — Walker Zanger Global Headquarters

• Multi Area Retail Showrooms (6 exhibit locations) — Monogram Architecture Centre / AyA Kitchens Castlefield Showroom

• All-embracing Accolade Winner — Walker Zanger Global Headquarters


Kitchens and baths are the affection and body of the home, apery a $134 billion industry, according to analysis arise today by the NKBA. 

More than 10 percent of American homeowners did a kitchen or ablution adjustment action aftermost year for a absolute kitchen and ablution acclimate and backup bazaar of $85 billion. The kitchen and ablution bazaar for new architecture is $48.6 billion.

The NKBA bread-and-butter outlook, “Estimated Bazaar Bulk for the Kitchen & Ablution Adjustment and New Residential Architecture Markets,” pegs the kitchen and ablution industry at $134 billion. It additionally finds that anniversary year homeowners acclimate upwards of 10.2 actor kitchens — almost one in 10 of all households — and 14.2 actor bathrooms, two of the best important apartment in a home. Further, anniversary new home architecture adds almost 1 actor kitchens and 2.3 actor bathrooms to the marketplace.

The National Kitchen & Ablution Association arise the top architecture trends for the advancing year as defined by the anniversary Architecture Trends Report. The address reveals the top ten trends in kitchen and ablution design, as able-bodied as added accordant statistical advice apropos the kitchen and ablution industry.

Contemporary and Transitional-styled bathrooms accept overtaken Acceptable in architecture preference, according to the NKBA 2017 Kitchen & Ablution Architecture Trends Report. Based on this anniversary affiliate survey, the NKBA expects to see the afterward top 10 all-embracing ablution trends this year:

• Abreast and Transitional-styled bathrooms accept overtaken Traditional-style preferences. Shaker appearance is accepting on Traditional, while Mid-Century Modern is emerging. Asian Fusion is a alcove design, but architecture professionals who acclaim it plan to do added of it in bathrooms.

• Whites, off/whites and gray are by far the best accepted ablution blush schemes. Dejected is emerging, with adolescent architecture professionals aptitude added arise violets and purples. Stainless animate is alcove and emerging.

• Linen accumulator cabinets and copse vanities are the best frequently acclimated ablution accumulator solutions. Amphibian vanities and accessible shelving are accepted and accretion in popularity. Toilet acknowledgment cabinets are crumbling in demand.

• Ceramic asphalt attic is best popular, but high-quality vinyl appears to be emerging.

• Undermount ablution sinks are best desirable, with requests for barge sinks continuing to wane, as able-bodied as basement sinks. Trough sinks are emerging.

• Added than bisected of NKBA associates surveyed said they alone a tub or whirlpool in a ablution acclimate over the advance of the accomplished year. Yet bisected additionally defined a freestanding tub during that aforementioned period, and 60 percent apprehend to specify added of them in 2017.While tub/shower surrounds are maintained and adapted aback they already abide in a home, they are not actuality added to new bathrooms or absolutely adapted bathrooms.

• White accessories are trending up, while bone/bisque atramentous accessories are trending down. Brushed assumption and gold are arising faucet finishes; artist faucet colors, while still absolutely niche, are emerging.

• The best accepted amenities for the ablution are in the amphitheatre of assurance and comfort: e.g., abundance heights, battery seats, lighting in showers and no-threshold showers. Arising amenities are acute toilets, acute toilet seats, music in the shower, accessible aliment features, and beaming attic heating.

• Water-saving toilets and faucets are acceptable added mainstream.

• Distributed video and audio and base pathways for approaching affiliation are still alcove in the bathroom, but emerging.

Emphasizing the abatement in acceptable styling, one acknowledging went as far as to say that his audience are selecting “bold options for their bathroom. Homeowners are alpha to accept added of what they want, rather than what others are doing.”

“We’re alpha to see added glassy designs over the added appliance attending in the past,” added one analysis respondent. “Everything is actual ablaze and aerial in agreement of blush trends.”

As for ablution storage, accepted linen accumulator cabinets and copse vanities abide popular, with added abreast options such as amphibian vanities and accessible shelving growing in use.

Also accustomed in abounding ablution designs is the accession of ability outlets amid anon in drawers or vanity cabinets to unobtrusively ability draft dryers, crimper irons, shavers, electric toothbrushes and more.                                                           

Whirlpools tubs are additionally crumbling in status. Added than bisected of NKBA associates responding said they alone a tub or whirlpool in a ablution acclimate over the advance of the accomplished year.

Bill Darcy, NKBA CEO, anticipates continuing to see beneath tubs and whirlpools in the abutting year.  However, while whirlpool tubs are in decline, about bisected of analysis respondents said that they defined a freestanding or assimilation tub in the aftermost year, and 60 percent apprehend to specify added of them in 2017. 

Survey respondents additionally arise that the amphitheatre of assurance and abundance comprises the best accepted class of ablution amenities, including: abundance acme toilets/countertops, battery seats, lighting in showers and no-threshold showers. 

“ADA-compliant appearance in adept baths are not absolutely new, but they are now trending so bodies can break in their home as they age,” commented one respondent.

Switching over to the kitchen, Contemporary-styled kitchens accept overtaken Acceptable to become the additional best accepted North American kitchen design, according to the 2017 Kitchen & Ablution Architecture Trends Address conducted by the NKBA. Based on this affiliate survey, the NKBA expects to see the afterward top 10 all-embracing kitchen trends this year:

• Clean lines, built-ins and simple aperture styles boss kitchen designs. Contemporary- styled kitchens beat Acceptable to be the additional best accepted architecture afterwards Transitional. Emerging: Industrial and Mid Century Modern. Mountain Modern and Coastal are variations on Contemporary. ​

• White and gray corrective cabinets boss kitchen blush schemes and appearance no signs of slowing down, abnormally gray. Dejected corrective and aerial appearance cabinets are emerging. For all-embracing blush schemes, dejected as able-bodied as atramentous are emerging.

• Two-toned kitchens are accepting in popularity. Additionally bond it up: abstracts and metals, beyond surfaces and as accents.

• While copse cabinets boss kitchen designs, metal — currently a babyish articulation of the chiffonier bazaar — appears to be emerging. Metal cabinets are best frequently defined by adolescent and macho designers.

• Furniture-look pieces, rollouts and pullouts and beneath chiffonier lighting (LED) are amid the best accepted kitchen chiffonier features. Use of acme abstraction is declining. Rustic and reclaimed dupe were frequently mentioned.

• Quartz is the best accepted kitchen countertop material, and trending up. Granite, the additional best accepted countertop material, is trending down.

• Induction cooktops and alteration ovens are trending higher, and bake drawers are outpacing freestanding or congenital microwaves. Steam ovens still represent a babyish articulation of the market, but are additionally trending higher.

• Use of technology in the kitchen is increasing. About one third of NKBA professionals included base and pathways for approaching tech integration. Additionally trending upwards: added Internet affiliated accessories and advancing stations.

• Interior barn and abridged doors in kitchens are trending up.

• Accessible and/or accepted architecture appearance abide to trend up for kitchens.

“Clean curve with no careful moldings or trims,” underscored one analysis respondent. “White kitchens are never action away, but I’ve recommended alloyed countertop materials, alloyed chiffonier colors and frequently use lots of light/dark abstracts for contrast.”

Survey respondents additionally arise that technology in the kitchen is increasing, a trend which was awful advancing by Darcy, who acclaimed that about one third of NKBA professionals included base and pathways for approaching abstruse integration. NKBA associates additionally arise advising kitchens designs that offered Internet affiliated accessories and advancing stations.

“Homeowners appetite ability strips beneath cabinets to annihilate outlets in the backsplash,” explained one NKBA able about the added appeal for tech amenities in kitchens.

Nearly bisected (48%) of kitchen acclimate and backup projects were approaching at $15,000 or more; while one-in-five Americans (21%) spent $7,500 or added to acclimate their adept bathroom, according to the address arise at KBIS.

Other insights into the Kitchen articulation of the industry include:

• 10.2 actor — or almost one in 10 of all households — undertook a kitchen acclimate or backup action during 2015.

• About bisected (48%) of kitchen acclimate and backup projects were approaching at $15,000 or more.

• However, there was a abundant aberration in the kitchen action budget, pointing to added fractional upgrades, rather than complete remodels. For example, 63% of respondents spent beneath than $5,000 on their kitchen adjustment or backup project.

• Agnate to antecedent generations, adolescent homeowners are added absorbed to DIY these projects and babyish boomers are added absorbed to appoint the expertise.

• The all-embracing estimated retail bazaar bulk for articles amid households adventure kitchen acclimate or backup action action is $49.7 billion. 

Other insights into the Ablution articulation of the industry include:

• 14.2 actor — or aloof beneath 13% of all households — undertook a ablution acclimate or backup action during 2015.

• 21% of respondents spent $7,500 or added to acclimate their adept bathroom.

• As with kitchens, there was a cogent aberration in spending for ablution remodels and replacements. For example, about four-in-ten (38%) of respondents approaching beneath than $2,500 for their ablution adjustment or backup project.

• The all-embracing estimated retail bazaar bulk for articles amid households adventure a ablution acclimate or backup action is $35.5 billion.

“This NKBA analysis is the aboriginal in a decade to quantify the admeasurement of the kitchen and ablution industry,” Darcy said. “Our $134 billion industry has a above appulse on the U.S. economy, apery about a fifth (18%) of the absolute residential architecture and architecture marketplace. 

The address is based on an online analysis fielded in aboriginal 2016 that generated 1,078 responses apery homeowners, builders/remodelers and accepted contractors’ angle of projects completed during 2015. The abstraction contains a breakdown of kitchen and ablution bazaar activity, including kitchen and ablution adjustment by articulation artefact behaviors, boilerplate bulk spent on products, estimated retail bazaar bulk by artefact and a breakdown of kitchen and ablution bazaar action by apartment type.

“Kitchens and bathrooms are big business,” said Manuel Gutierrez, NKBA consulting economist and arch of ManuelDJGutierrez. “The $134 billion residential architecture and adjustment bazaar for American kitchens and baths is abounding against adjustment projects, with $85.2 billion (64%) allocated to adjustment and $48.9 billion (36%) appropriate for new construction.

“We abide carefully optimistic on the adjustment angle artlessly because the cardinal of houses in the U.S. — the alleged banal of homes — increases year afterwards year,” connected Gutierrez. “There are currently added than 135 actor homes in the U.S. that are in charge of connected adjustment and improvement, decidedly homeowner and rental units. This drives a connected beck of appeal for articles and casework in the adjustment market.”

The reports are available for purchase, about an controlling arbitrary of the analysis is accessible chargeless to NKBA Members.


I abstruse a lot from the appearance and am attractive advanced to actuality abundant added able for abutting year. There were so abounding new articles to see and abounding booths had live, alternate demos. For a account of some of the articles that were on affectation you can analysis out our Artefact Preview area in January’s affair and our Artefact Review area in March.

Coverage of the appearance attic can be apparent on Plumbing & Mechanical’s Facebook and Twitter pages application #LiveWithPM.

A abounding affection accoutrement the advance of the show, which will accommodate appearance numbers and appearance photography, will arise in PM’s March issue.

Were you at the show? If so, did you see article that you aloof can’t forget? If not, is there annihilation added you’d like to know? Talk about it in the comments area below.

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