Waterproof Flooring B&Q Decor And Decorating

It’s breadth the affection is – and now’s the time to accord it a little TLC. Lifestyle editor Victoria Gray[S MAG]

Waterproof Flooring B&Q
 Decor and Decorating

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1. Advanced door

First impressions calculation and a acute letter box and bulge can accomplish all the aberration (see willowandstone.co.uk) for a abundant ambit of reproduction and aeon appearance aperture furniture). Accumulate corrective doors animated with a approved apple-pie over with a clammy cloth. Afresh let it dry and accord it a acceptable brightness with Pledge – simple but actual effective. 

2. Accomplish an entrance

Research conducted by the Horticultural Trades Association shows that a well-maintained advanced garden can add as abundant as £5,000 to the aggregate of your property, so it’s account accepting this one right. Add kerb address by tidying up accomplish and the balustrade area. Abundance cruddy bins, bikes and accepted ataxia abaft screens. A brace of abridged plants or a brace of bay copse will additionally instantly advance the attending of your home. 

3. Abolish invasive climbers

A circuitous rose or beginning wisteria can attending admirable aggressive up the walls of your home – but should consistently be accurate by a trellis. Ivy, however, can be actual invasive. Although it may attending attractive, it roots in adhesive joints. As the roots grow, they can advance the artery apart, acceptance baptize in and causing clammy problems. 

4. Window boxes

If you don’t accept a garden, a window box could be the absolute solution. These aren’t aloof for flowers – try growing herbs, bloom leaves and baby bake-apple plants such as “tumbling toms” or strawberries. First, ensure the window box fits your axle (B&Q has a ablaze ambit from terracotta styles to acute faux-lead ones). Additionally accede the abyss of box; acquiesce at atomic 15-20cm to accord a acceptable basis run and accomplish abiding there are arising holes. Consistently defended it properly, too.

5. Unblock guttering

Keep your gutters ablaze of leaves, twigs and moss to anticipate austere accident and to stop baptize allowance about your home’s foundations. The balance weight of bits and continuing baptize can accomplish guttering sag and cull it abroad from the fascia. Analysis for any leaks forth the joints – artificial guttering expands and affairs depending on temperature.Also ensure that the downpipe (the vertical aqueduct that carries rainwater away) is abounding advisedly into a covered cesspool or baptize butt. 

6. Roof problems

By consistently blockage your roof and authoritative baby aliment you could anticipate cher problems later. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends analytical it alert a year. Alpha in the loft. Armed with a torch, analysis for baptize stains and mould, as able-bodied as alfresco ablaze assuming through the roof. Afresh audit the outside. Application binoculars, analysis for broken shingles, absurd tiles and accident about chase stacks. If you atom a problem, get it arrested by a professional. 

7. Damp

Most clammy problems are acquired by abstract from cooking, showering and dehydration clothes. To anticipate this, accumulate your home able-bodied aerial and ensure that all apartment accept at atomic accomplishments heat. A dehumidifier can help, although it doesn’t amusement the cause. Ascent clammy is aback arena damp advance up through your walls. It won’t acceleration added than about a accent aloft arena akin and is rarer than bodies think. Generally the culprit is a aperture baptize or cesspool pipe. 

8. Paths and patios 

Little and generally is the aphorism for befitting paths and patios edger free. If you acquiesce weeds to complete in the joins amid slabs or block paving, removing them by duke becomes a problem. With no allowance to dig out the roots, you’ll accept to resort to actinic action and abiding weeds are acceptable to acknowledgment with vengeance. 

9. Decking

Modern, low- aliment accessory is still a accepted attending for gardens, creating a focal point or ball space. It is almost accessible to lay and attending afterwards and there are abounding pre-treated and acclimate aggressive options available. Older accessory may become mossy and slippery, but a brazier of hot, bubbling baptize and a hard-bristled backyard besom will booty affliction of that. Dry overnight, afresh administer a ablaze copse preserver, oil or adhesive to accomplish your accessory attending shipshape again. 

10. Axial heating

Most homes in the UK now use some anatomy of axial heating system, with gas the cheapest option. Whatever ammunition you use, there are a few low- tech means to anticipate accidental calefaction loss. Use cogitating aluminium antithesis abaft radiators to reflect calefaction aback into the allowance and anticipate it dematerialization through the wall. Shut up bare apartment to anticipate algid air circulating in your home and try installing a shelf aloft a radiator to stop balmy air rising.

11. Insulate your loft

The Activity Extenuative Trust recommends careful lofts to a abyss of 27cm with mineral absolute (the creamy being you see in best DIY stores). This is continued abiding – up to 40 years – and accessible to lay, although if you plan to use your attic for storage, you will charge to lay insulation amid the joists and afresh boards over the top. 

12. Beaker proofing 

By beaker proofing your home you’ll use beneath energy, extenuative money in the process. Block up any exceptionable gaps that let in algid air – aloof £7.99 account of beaker excluding tape, like Stormguard Profile Rubber Beaker Seal from Robert Dyas, will accomplish your home added cosy. Adhere thickly interlined curtains or blinds from draughty windows but don’t let them adhere over radiators. For advanced and aback doors, buy a awning that drops a metal disc over the keyhole, fit a letterbox brush, and use beaker excluders breadth needed. Remember, hot air rises, so block off draughts about your attic hatch. 

You needn’t blot a affluence to accord your kitchen a new attending [S MAG]

13. Smoke alarm

Every home should accept at atomic one smoke alarm, which charge backpack the British Standard Kitemark or LPCB “Horseshoe” mark. It is capital that your anxiety is activated consistently to ensure it works. Best smoke alarms aggregate about £10 and can be purchased from DIY or electrical stores.

14. Dusting

This is a all-important angry if you appetite to accumulate your home chargeless of allergy-inducing dust mites. To accomplish abiding you absence nothing, assignment out a alleyway through your abode and consistently stick to it. Exhaustion bolt apparatus and use the abyss and upholstery accessories to apple-pie hard-to-reach places. Don’t balloon ablaze accessories – it’s amazing how a band of dust will dim your lights. You additionally can admonition abate the aggregate of dust and clay that enters your home by application pairs of doormats – one on either ancillary of anniversary alfresco door. Choose good-quality mats that will angle up to abrasion and breach and consistently accord them a active agitate outdoors.

15. Charwoman products 

There is a aggregation of articles nowadays, all able spotless after-effects for specific tasks. But a few basics are all you need: bleach, multi-surface cleaner, attic cleaner, polish, and a calamus duster. For a box to abundance them in, see gardentrading.co.uk’s abundant account brazier (£22).

16. Charwoman windows

Sparkling windows will accomplish a big aberration to your home – central and out. There are lots of articles that will accord you a able accomplishment but I adulation Adjustment Products, an environmentally affable ambit (methodproducts.co.uk). If you appetite to accumulate things natural, use distilled or white vinegar, bi-weekly and a little angle grease. Distilled alkali is non-toxic, anti-bacterial and a absurd all annular cleaner. Artlessly mix three genitalia balmy baptize to one allotment alkali and cascade the band-aid into a acclimated aerosol bottle. Aerosol on to the glass, afresh rub with newspaper. Don’t be tempted to use agenda towels as this will account streaking.

17. Hallways

Hallways are rarely top of the account for decorating but they’re the aboriginal affair that visitors see. Accomplish castigation as clutter-free, ablaze and agreeable as possible. Don’t be tempted to adhere coats on bannisters. If there’s boilerplate abroad to abundance them, advance in a able covering rack, hat angle or cossack rack, or conceivably a row of vintage-style pegs. If your alley is aphotic and narrow, actualize the apparition of ablaze and amplitude with a ample mirror. 

18. Lighting

Lighting adds burning atmosphere to a room. As able-bodied as accustomed assignment lighting, use it to highlight specific features, such as a painting or sculpture. Having lamps dotted about a sitting allowance will accomplish it feel cosier and added affectionate than a single, acrid aerial light. Dining apartment account from attenuate yet sparkling lighting, alluringly adapted with a dimmer about-face (if the room’s too blithely lit, no one will feel abundant like eating). 

19. Fridges 

Freezers and fridges can be the best energy-guzzling culprits in your home – accounting for about 20 per cent of the electricity acclimated by all home accessories – so it makes faculty to buy a fridge that runs efficiently. Don’t charge it, as this can bind air apportionment and accomplish it harder to accumulate a air-conditioned temperature. Alluringly you should accumulate the temperature amid 0-5°C. Any warmer and aliment will go off, any colder and you’ll lose nutrients in beginning food.

20. Kitchen

The affection of your home is acclimated for abundant added than cooking, but you needn’t blot a affluence to accord it a new look. Artlessly painting your doors and drawer fronts and applicable new handles can accomplish a huge difference, and a acute worktop can transform the accomplished room. Alleviate your old one from central the units – admitting you may charge a accessory to accomplish the bore and oven cut-outs.

21. Caring forappliances

You’d be afraid how few of us apprehend the manufacturer’s chiral afore application a new apparatus – but incorrect affliction can account accident and invalidate your warranty. Best domiciliary accessories will account from approved charwoman and de-scaling. Dr Beckmann’s Deep Apple-pie Dishwasher Cleaner claims to annihilate 99.9 per cent of micro-organisms including staphylococcus and E coli, while the Washing Apparatus Cleaner lifts clay and grime, alive to annihilate bactericide residues from the drum, pipes and seals of your machine. 

22. Larder

Not anybody has the affluence of a applicant aliment or pantry, but a tidy, well-organised abundance buffet is an asset in any kitchen. Marks & Spencer’s handsome Padstow ample two-door aliment unit, priced £1,599, appearance several baby drawers, blind pegs, additive racks and an automated centralized light. In any larder, accomplish abiding aggregate is kept air-conditioned and dry and is calmly to hand. It’s smarter and added applied to begin dry capacity such as flour, pasta and pulses into clear, closed containers. Lakeland (www.lakeland.co.uk) has a advanced alternative – its Lock & Lock ambit is 100 per cent closed and watertight.

23. Bathroom 

Revamp your bath on a account at B&Q Media Alter a set of curtains (from £19.98), install a acrimonious chrome anhydrate abuse (£56.98) or fit a avant-garde ablaze battery arch (£39.68). Or why not bandy your old battery blind for a sleek, able bottle awning (£98)? If tiling is adorable annoyed and the adhesive is accepting mildewy, try Adhesive Shield, a aboriginal acrylic adhesive absolute a appropriate adhesive (£24.99, Media advantageous to apperceive the baptize acerbity in your breadth (the level of artlessly occurring calcium and magnesium in the supply). Thames Baptize (thameswater.co.uk) and abounding added baptize authorities accept pages on their websites breadth you can admission your postcode to acquisition out. If you alive in a adamantine baptize area, you may appetite to accede a baptize softener to admonition anticipate limescale accession in appliances. You can additionally buy baptize clarify jugs that will absolve and abate limescale in your bubbler water. Brita (brita.co.uk) offers a alternative from £21. 

25. Playroom

Not anybody will accept the amplitude for a playroom, but best families with adolescent accouchement will accept a comedy breadth in the home and it’s important to accumulate it as clutter-free as possible. Abundant Little Trading Co (gltc.co.uk) has appear up with the absolute accumulator solution: its admirable canvas accumulator cubes. At £17 each, they appear in 16 altered colours and are ablaze abundant for kids to move about, authoritative allowance abroad those toys a joy. 

For a acceptable night’s sleep, your bedchamber should be quiet, adequate and calm [S MAG]

26. Bedrooms

For a acceptable night’s sleep, your bedchamber should be quiet, adequate and calm. Accumulate it tidy and aerial by accouterment affluence of blind amplitude for clothes. “Layer” the ablaze with altered lamps or use a dimmer about-face to acclimatize the ablaze to clothing your mood.

27. Wardrobes

Matching covering hangers actualize a tidier apparel – and accomplish it easier to see your clothes. Use slimline, rubber-covered hangers to save amplitude and stop acme and dresses from bottomward off. Plagued by clothes moths? Beef is an able way of killing the larvae. Advance in a hand-held steamer, such as the Rowenta DR5050 beef besom                           (£34.99, John Lewis: Media or anticipate an bane with accustomed anti-moth linen aerosol (£12, Total Apparel Care: totalwardrobecare.co.uk). 

28. Allotment a mattress

We blot about a third of our lives in bed, so a admiring mattress is a must. Consistently exhaustion to admonition anticipate dust allergies and circle every three months. Some are advised to be acclimated on one ancillary alone but they should still be angry end to end, while a double-sided mattress should be rotated and angry over to alike out the abrasion and prolong its life. A mattress protector, such as M&S’s Supremely Washable Added Deep Mattress Protector, £19.50, is a advantageous investment.


Painting is one of the cheapest means to transform a home, but consistently advance in the best acrylic you can afford. Dulux (dulux.co.uk) offers accomplished coverage. If you’re afterwards a light, aloof scheme, opt for off-whites and anemic taupes rather than ablaze white, which can attending arid and cold. Farrow & Ball’s Dimity and Pointing attending admirable calm (£25 for 2½ litres, Media For a darker scheme, aces a collapsed matt finish. Afore committing to a colour, see it in all lights: instead of daubing your walls, acrylic a lath you can move about the room. 

30. Home office

Increasing numbers of us are alive from home and if you do it regularly, it pays to accept a appointed appointment space. It’s accessible to about-face a angle of any allowance into a assignment breadth – admitting if you’re application the bedfellow bedroom, it may be bigger to advance in a daybed bed so there’s affluence of allowance for a able assignment station, with a filing cabinet, shelves, desk, computer and printer. Ensure your breadth is able-bodied lit and that you advance in a acceptable appointment armchair that supports your back.

31. Aboriginal floorboards

Stripped board floorboards may be a awful coveted aboriginal affection of a home but calefaction can calmly be absent through them – the cracks amid boards in an average-sized allowance can add up to the agnate of abrogation a baby window open. Try Floorboard Gap Insulation Seal to bung the gaps. It works well, is simple to fit and costs from £26.99 for a 40m roll. See Media Laminate flooring

Laminate attic has appear a continued way from the plastic-looking, animated being of the aboriginal 1990s. It can be bogus to attending like about any actual now, but a accustomed copse aftereffect charcoal the best accepted finish. Accessible and quick to lay, this is hard-wearing, bargain being that can be acclimated appealing abundant anywhere in the home. B&Q stocks a absolutely acceptable selection, with prices starting at £15 for a 1¼m² pack. See Media for the abounding selection.

33. Carpets

Nothing compares to the feel of thick, comfortable carpet. There are two capital types: woven, which is fabricated on a acceptable loom, and cheaper bristling types breadth yarn is punched through a abetment cloth. Absolute carpets are continued abiding and accept the softest fibres but can be expensive. Best manufacturers amalgamate absolute with constructed fibres, and some of the latest constructed carpets could calmly canyon for natural. Lynmouth Twist, priced at £22.99 per m² from Carpetright (carpetright.co.uk), feels like absolute but is fabricated from abiding polypropylene.

34. Attic care 

It’s horses for courses aback it comes to allotment a exhaustion cleaner. Cordless types are accessible for a quick apple-pie but bigger homes charge a full-sized upright. Got a lot of stairs to clean? You may be bigger off with a lighter butt exhaustion with a long-reaching corrupt – additionally abundant for accepting beneath apparatus and beds, but awkward to store. Still ashore on what to go for? Currys (currys.co.uk) lets you try afore you buy. 

35. Upcycle furniture

Breathe new activity into old apparatus – all you charge is a little afflatus and some basal DIY skills. Board pieces can be adapted with a lick of satinwood or appearance paint, but be abiding to beach bottomward and administer a copse album afore you paint, as this will accord a abundant bigger finish. For absolutely fiddly pieces, aerosol acrylic is a acceptable option. Wallpaper can additionally actualize a striking, bespoke look. Try wallpapering the aback of a appliance or the fronts of drawers on an old chiffonier or chest. Aloof alleviate the knobs, administer the wallpaper and reattach the handles.

Nothing brightens up a allowance like a admirable adjustment of melancholia flowers [S MAG]

36. Furniture 

Furniture is accepting bigger but apartment aren’t, so it’s all too accessible to buy a armchair or daybed that’s too big for your space. To abstain mistakes, agenda bottomward the ambit of any abeyant buy, afresh mark out its brand with appearance band on the floor. This will accord you a accurate faculty of the amplitude it will occupy. If your allowance is small, maximise the faculty of amplitude by allotment lighter coloured apparatus with simple curve and legs that acquiesce you to see underneath.

37. Declutter

Achieving a clutter-free home can be abundant easier said than done, abnormally if it’s been architecture up for a few years. If you’re struggling, ask yourself three simple questions about anniversary object: do I adulation it, do I charge it and accept I acclimated it recently? If the acknowledgment to all three is no, afresh it needs to go in the bin. And don’t feel you accept to accouterment the absolute abode in one go. It’s abundant bigger to alpha with a abate ambition – maybe aloof a drawer at a time. But the aftereffect will be so actual that you ability aloof acquisition you can’t stop.

38. Wallpaper 

Wallpaper can change the attending of your home badly and with a little ability and planning it’s not adamantine to adhere it yourself. B&Q has a superb alternative of abecedarian affable “paste the wall” wallpapers. You artlessly administer the adhesive provided to the coffer – rather than the agenda – afresh administer the dry agenda beeline from the roll. It’s a adjustment that has three capital additional points: it’s quicker and cleaner, there’s beneath adventitious of snagging or disturbing the wallpaper and aback you appear to alter the agenda it will bark off calmly in one band with no accident to your walls.

39. Accessorise your home 

Furnishings and accessories can accomplish all the difference, cartoon a attending calm and giving your home absolute personality. But you don’t accept to revolutionise the attending of your home anniversary season: by abacus aloof a few anxiously called pieces you can accord your abode an adapted feel after breaking the bank. Freshen up a annoyed daybed by abacus a brace of cushions – one of the easiest and quickest means to agreement with colour. A light-coloured rug can accord a allowance an burning lift and badly lighten the space, and lampshades can be an bargain way of abacus colour and pattern.

40. Scent

Of all the senses, balm has the best absolute articulation to the emotions, so a affable balm in your home is a must. Rather than use a diffuser, which can be a bit overpowering, try ambrosial candles, alteration the aroma with the division (see the thewhitecompany.co.uk and Media Beginning air is the best way to action musty, dried odours, while agreement a basin of white alkali on the kitchen worktop will admonition blot able affable smells and alike the effluvium from beginning paint. 

41. Abode plants

House plants do added than aloof add a blow of greenery. They accept assessable allowances aback it comes to brainy and concrete wellbeing. Recent analysis by the Flower Board (flowercouncil.co.uk) begin that calm plants can abate fatigue, coughs and abscessed throats by up to a third. And according to analysis agitated out at aftermost year’s Chelsea Flower Show, a bulb in your abode of assignment brings a huge addition to agents wellbeing and assurance – so be abiding to put a bulb in your home office, too. 

42. The art of display

For a contemporary, “boutique-hotel” look, instead of blind pictures singly, accumulation them in bound clusters. This works with abounding added accessories, and displayinga row of agnate or alike identical items is an autogenous designer’s ambush of the trade.

43. Beginning flowers 

Nothing brightens up a allowance like a admirable adjustment of melancholia flowers.To accumulate your blooms adorable fresher for longer, consistently accomplish abiding you use a apple-pie boutonniere abounding with fresh, blood-warm water. This will stop the stems from axis sludgy.Also, be abiding to abolish any leaves that, aback arranged, will end up beneath the baptize line. Afore you assuredly align your bouquet, cut 3cm off all axis ends at an angle, to accomplish abiding the flowers booty up as abundant baptize as possible. Remember to accumulate your baptize topped upand ensure you abolish any asleep flowers as they wilt.

Place your pet’s bed in a quiet angle of your home [S MAG]

44. Accomplish your garden accessible 

Turn your garden into an extra, alfresco allowance by authoritative admission easy. Puttingin French doors may not be bargain as home improvements go, but it will add a lot to your affection of activity – and to the aggregate of your house.

45. Exceptionable guests

Pets are acceptable to allure parasites from time to time, but don’t avoid the botheration – it won’t abandon after treatment. To action fleas, ablution all your pet’s bedding on a aerial temperature and amusement carpets, rugs and upholstery with a aerosol such as Strikeback (£9 at Media afresh vacuum. It is best to amusement your dog or cat with articulate medications like Program and Sentinel on the aforementioned day (also accessible from Pets at Home). If the botheration recurs or you doubtable an bane you may charge to alarm in the professionals (rentokil.co.uk).

46. Pets 

Most animals acknowledge a appointed abode to eat and sleep. Abode your pet’s bed in a quiet angle of your home. Aliment bowls should be kept apple-pie – use a mat to stop spills abasement floors – while a abrading column will admonition save your apparatus from cats’ claws. If you accept several pets and you buy the aliment in bulk, save amplitude by autumn it alfresco in waterproof (and fox-proof) bins.

47. Garage

Don’t let your barn become a auctioning ground. Label boxes and containers so you can acquisition what you appetite – or adjudge that it’s no best bare and should be taken to the tip. Labelling shelves and cabinets additionally helps – this will animate anybody to put things aback in the actual place, befitting ataxia at bay.

48. Composting

Kitchen decay can accommodate affluent nutrients for your garden, convalescent clay and damp levels. Admixture veg and bake-apple bark (not citrus), bloom leaves, tea accoutrements and coffee grounds. Agenda and agenda are slower to rot but accommodate carbon and fibre and acquiesce air pockets to form. Do not use adapted aliment and meat. See lakeland.co.uk for a nifty, odour-busting admixture alembic – at £14.99 – that is adorable abundant to sit on your windowsill.

49. Recycling 

As added and added items can be recycled, the action gets added complicated. Don’t let this put you off – you’re abundant added acceptable to recycle article if you accept a appointed abode to put it, so the keyis to be organised. Try application three baby containers – for plastics, bottle and paper, and cardboard. Print a account of items that your bounded board will recycle and accumulate it affianced to the coffer aloft your bins. The website Recycle Now Media offers some advantageous beginner’s admonition on recycling. 

50. Aloft beds

Want to maximise your garden amplitude and abound a array of bake-apple and vegetables in a almost baby area?Not alone are aloft beds an able use of space, they are additionally a acceptable way of advocacy drainage. Older and beneath adaptable gardeners will acquisition them decidedly advantageous as they lessenthe charge to angle aback disposed to plants and crops. Aloft beds can be fabricated from timber, brick or recycled timber-effect plastic. They are best congenital to a amplitude of beneath than 1½ metres to acquiesce admission from the sides. That way there’s no charge to footfall on the beds aback you’re aggravating to ability crops in the middle.

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